What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that often contain a unique set of numbers and letters uploaded to your computer. In this way, we can recognise you when you return on our webpage. The cookie does not collect information, but if it is read by the server together with the browser, it assists the webpage for your better and friendlier use.

Thus, the cookies help the webpage to remember some of your choices (e.g. language settings) and to monitor the number of visitors, your clicks and navigations on the webpage, in order for us to constantly improve the functioning of the webpage.

Cookies for analytical purposes – we monitor and analyse visits with the tool Google Analytics. By gathering information on how our users use the webpage, we can define which content shall be placed on a certain site, which steps shall be optimised, etc., in order to improve the mere functioning of the webpage. The names of the cookies ate »__utma«, »__utmb«, »__utmc« and »__utmz« and are linked with the Google Analytics. Further information about the cookies of Google Analytics and privacy.

The so called Session cookies (Cookies for the user authentication) do not need a prior express consent. They store the entries in online forms (e.g. online bank, services where the user logs in with his user name and password,...) and are deleted after the session expires. The cookies are necessary in order for the webpage to remember the user and in order for the user to gain access to the mentioned content, after logging in to the service.

Control over cookies

In accordance with the Slovenian Electronic Communications Act (ZEKom-1), the use of certain cookies requires the user's consent. You can also reject the use of cookies at any time. After such rejection, you will still be able to visit our webpage, but some functions may not function properly.

You can subsequently change your decisions regarding the acceptance or rejection of cookies through your browser.

You can usually find the change of this setting in the menu bar Tools > Internet options, Privacy or Safety in your browser. Here you can set, which types of cookies you wish to block or enable.

You can also delete cookies through the browser. The most of the browsers offer the deletion in the Tools.

Deactivation of cookies for all webpages

You can completely delete or disable the cookies with the settings in your browser. The instructions can be found under the section Help in your browser. In case of the complete deactivation of the cookies, certain functionalities on the webpage may not function. The operator of the cookies is FINGYM d.o.o.