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The digital platform 360finance.guru and FINGYM Financial Wellness programme was originally developed by two of Europe’s recognized financial experts, Miha Urek and Nicola Maljkovic. Their friendship with Ryan Webster developed into a partnership and an opportunity to bring this technology to the shores of Africa.

Identifying the advantages of time saving and convenience in the financial advisory industry, Teuns Diemont and Ryan went to Slovenia to explore this uniquely developed tool. They instantly recognised the many similarities within their industries. The challenges of personal finances are a universal phenomenon and this tool addresses the most fundamental questions - What is the score of my financial health and how can I prepare a simple plan to improve my finances? As this process can be very difficult, this tool will introduce a new standard into the South African financial industry.

The tool is without unnecessary financial slang and in easy understandable language. No surreptitious advertising of the financial industry and finally, FUN! Partnering with Jaco van Heerden, they have many years of experience in the financial advisory industry and personal financial management. Their decorative careers are evident of their core values of being impartial, ethical, transparent and client orientated.

  • Ryan Webster

    Ryan Webster

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    Teuns Diemont

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    Jaco van Heerden